Our Structure

Take a minute to learn more about our structure and our truly international scope.

Women's Institute of Nova Scotia: Structure

Local Level:

  • Members – 650+ members in Nova Scotia.
  • Branches – 51 branches in the province.
  • Districts – 14 in Nova Scotia. A District is a family of branches in one local area.
  • District Director – A representative of all branches in your District to the Provincial Board.

Provincial Level

  • Provincial Board of Directors – the President, President-Elect, Past President, and 14 District Directors.
  • Non Board members that attend Board Meetings include the FWIC Executive Officer for Nova Scotia, the Public Relations Officer and the Office Administrator

National Level

  • FWIC – our national organization. Head office is in St George, Ontario. FWIC has a membership of 15,000+ in Canada.
  • FWIC Executive Officer for Nova Scotia – represents the province of Nova Scotia at the national level.
  • FWIC Board of Directors – executive officers and provincial Presidents from each province plus the FWIC President and President-Elect.

International Level

  • ACWW – out international affiliate with the head office in London, England. ACWW has a membership of 460 member societies members in 70+ countries across the world.
  • ACWW Area President for Canada – a representative of Canadian WI members at the international level. She is also a member of the ACWW Board.