Welcome to New Members!

Welcome to the Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia. Congratulations on choosing one of Canada’s most respected organizations dedicated to improving our lives of those around us.

Women's Institute of Nova Scotia: New Members

By joining the Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia (W.I.N.S.), you have not only become a provincial member, but you have joined thousands of other Canadian women who make up the Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada (FWIC). Also, you now have an international affiliation with the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), international body which consists of over hundreds of other member societies living around the world.

When Adelaide Hoodless founded the Women’s Institutes, she did so with the aim of improving the lives and lifestyles of rural women and their families. Over a century later, that goal is just as important. Our horizons may have expanded, but W.I.N.S. still continues to help members grow, learn and help others – be it through public speaking, improved health care, and literacy awareness or as a voice to call for government action, and much more!

W.I.N.S. has no ‘one’ exclusive interest. It offers many varied topics and ideas and we do so many different things. The sky is the limit as to what we can learn and do. Only we set the boundaries. Choose from the wide and varied selection. You will not be disappointed.

Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia operates under an act of legislation, The Women’s Institutes Act.

What does my $35 annual Membership fee provide?

  • A chance to build enriching, life long partnerships with women in your community who are in business, at home, and on the farm.
  • An opportunity to improve your self-esteem and leadership skills by contributing to a widely respected and progressive organization which inspires change for the better in rural communities.
  • Membership in our national organization, the Federated Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia, and affiliation with international organization, the Associated Country Women of the World.
  • The opportunity to attend provincial meetings and conventions and learn through workshops how to strengthen your communities and families.
  • A subscription to the W.I.N.S. ‘Home & Country’ newsletter.
  • Opportunities to benefit from scholarship programs and participate in cultural, educational and environmental projects.
  • Option to also sign up for the FWIC “WI Connections” monthly newsletter: Contact | WI Canada FWIC | Canada

If you haven’t already done so, you can use this link to submit your new membership form: New Member Registration Form | Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia (winovascotia.ca)

We hope you enjoy the friendship, fellowship and the opportunities WI offers. Welcome to a great organization!